Sandra Redfield

My name is Sandra Redfield and I’m a client of Dr. Gerald Pierone’s at Facial Rejuvenation in Vero Beach. I am writing this testimonial to publicly thank him for giving me the greatest gift of all – youth.

Dr. Pierone is extremely talented, passionate and knowledgeable, going to great lengths to provide perfection to every detail. As a board-certified physician with special training in infectious diseases where he studied the use of fillers such as Artefill to restore people’s appearances, Dr. Pierone is an expert and is recognized nationwide for his special skill and talent in rejuvenating people’s appearances. His technique works from the inside out. The texture of my skin has been completely changed. At 60, he has altered my appearance into something youthful, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Typically, people don’t realize they have aged until it’s obvious and when they do, they figure it’s just stress, a bad day or they are too tired. But Dr. Pierone refuses to accept that and offers a life-changing experience. I am completely happy with my results and strongly urge anyone else who is struggling with the effects of aging to see him. He’s saved not just my appearance, but restored my self-confidence, which is as equally if not more important.

I am the owner of Studio 14, a Dance Studio for Zumba Fitness Classes, Ballet, Ballroom, Belly Dancing, Salsa, Yoga, Pilates Apparatus and Mat. We also offer massage and nutritional counseling.

Vero Beach, FL

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