Love Artefill, lost weight, face started to collapse in and created laxity and wrinkling around my jowls. My under eye hollows were making me look tired, sunken and bleary. I am 35 years old and know that replacing lost fat with fillers in the facial areas can restore youth, and really keep the structural integrity of your skin propped, so as not to sag or loosen. Radiesse was a bust, though good effect, the effects lasted 12 months, it was very expensive at 1500 a year, and inconvenient. I was also worried about nodules and lumps forming after repeated injections with the product over time. Sculptra was another $2000 disappointment, and really did nothing.

Artefill is permanent, more cost effective in the long run and has very few side effects. No Issues, I love it.

See the best injector you can afford and travel if you have too!

Dr Pierone was so fast, precise and gentle with the cannula to insert the product; I hardly noticed any pain or odd sensations. No bruising, even after a face full of Artefill, cheeks, under eye, temples, nasolabials… and the product settled beautifully. He really understands how to restore your look, naturally… You look like you, younger not another person. His artistic understanding of placing Dermal fillers was Top of His Class, maybe 20 doctors in the country get this one…..


Source: Realself.com

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