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Hello, my name is John D. and I had a deformity resulting from HIV-associated facial lipodystrophy.

Several years ago, one of my doctors put my name on a list he was keeping of patients he was seeing with hiv lipoatrophy. Gradually my face began to look like the AIDS patients of the 80’s: I had multiple nasolabial folds, sallow cheeks, deep marionette lines, and other indentations and indications from fat loss. Despite going to the gym to help maintain control over the lipoatrophy that was effecting my body, and chewing gum ferociously to build up my face, my face did not match my physique. But also, over time, I began avoiding social settings; and, very slowly I was becoming agoraphobic. I went to a psychologist in part due to my looks and the evolving self-consciousness about my appearance as well as my increasing social isolation. I always had a sick and tired appearance which had an increasingly adverse effect on my mental and physical health. Pictures were frightful.

Finally, last year I went back to the aforementioned doctor and had Sculptra treatments. After three Sculptra treatments between late July and early October…Wow! What a difference in how I saw myself and – better – in how others saw me. I had retired six months earlier, so people thought that retirement had had a phenomenally beneficial effect on me. I didn’t look tired. I didn’t look sick. I looked more youthful. The face-body dissonance was gone. I stopped avoiding photographs. Friends and associates couldn’t have reacted more positively. Most knew I looked differently but couldn’t figure out what was different. Sadly, the benefit of the Sculptra treatment dissipated within just 2 to 3 months, not the ‘up to 2 years’ I had expected.

I knew there were other options and began my research in earnest. Of the many filler alternatives, I settled on Bellafill®; expensive, but expected to last longer (permanently). I also repeatedly read about and continually saw references to this Dr. Pierone on Liquid Face Lift Association, The Body.com, and other websites. Filler and doctor were chosen!

I drove up to Vero Beach to meet Dr. Pierone, the ultra-friendly staff of Facial Rejuvenation FL, and to get my first Bellafill® treatment. Between March and September, Dr. Pierone used micro cannulas to painlessly place the Bellafill®. Over six treatment sessions, he built up my cheeks then filled in the folds and lines. Before and after pictures were taken at each session. Friends, neighbors, and acquaintances have not noticed the transition to Bellafill® and continue to be very complimentary about my appearance.

HIV Lipoatrophy Before and After Pictures

HIV Lipoatrophy Treatment Videos

Treating My HIV Lipoatrophy with Bellafill®
Blogger Mark S. King (My Fabulous Disease) receives treatment from Dr. Gerald Pierone for facial wasting with the semi-permanent filler product Bellafill®.

Followup: Sculptra and Radiesse Treatment for HIV Lipoatrophy (Facial Wasting)
Follow-up to an earlier video blog I produced on treating my hiv lipoatrophy (facial wasting) with Radiesse and Sculptra by Dr. Gerald Pierone. This is the third visit, from Dr. Pierone’s point of view. This is my way of sharing my experience and without input or consideration from the makers of these products (meaning, an honest account).

Mark King Testimonial
Short testimonial from Mark King regarding his restorative facial treatments with Dr. Pierone

Re-treating my HIV Lipoatrophy (facial wasting) with facial fillers.
Dr. Gerald Pierone uses both Radiesse and Sculptra to treat the HIV Lipoatrophy of Mark S. King in this video episode of My Fabulous Disease. Also discussed: the permanent facial filler product Bellafill®. More at www.MyFabulousDisease.com.

HIV Lipoatrophy Treatment with Sculptra and Radiesse
One of Mark S. King’s video blogs, this being on treating lipoatrophy with Sculptra and Radiesse, including actual footage of the procedure and results. I received no payment at all from the doctor or anyone else. This is my personal video blog.

(Archived Footage from 2006) A panel discussion on Lipoatrophy issues, including facial wasting for people with HIV/AIDS, with an in depth discussion on the use of Sculptra (new-fill).

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